How can you help us

Being a non-profit organization, our continued work relies on donations; therefore we need your help to be able to provide and increase the quality of our services. Your donation contributes to better quality of life that terminally ill children and their families experience.

We thank you for your sensitivity and generosity.

Individual donors

• standing order from your bank account

• direct donation

• allocation of 2% of income tax

• volunteer counselling in the field of law, audit, information technologies, PR and marketing

• volunteer help for bereaved families after finishing our educational programme

• telling your friends about us, sending them e-mails, putting a message on Facebook


• regular donations

• allocation of 2% of income tax

• specific donations to cover needed items (pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, special medical supplies, fuel, telephones, car services, meal coupons, printing of materials, etc.)

• purchasing advertising space on our website

We use all donations for the benefit of children and their families and we gladly provide detailed accounts about the use of the funds. We will mention sponsors on our website, in annual reports and in our printed programmes and brochures.

In the name of children and families, thank you!

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