Grief Counselling Centre

Therapeutic group meetings for children

We offer psychological support to families and children after loss

We offer support to

•Families who lost their loved one as a result of any circumstances: illness, sudden death, suicide, accident...

•Young children and adolescents who lost their parent, sibling or grandparent

•Parents who lost their child

Our services

•Individual and family based counselling

•Therapeutic groups for children, adolescents and adults

•Weekend therapeutic meetings for families

•Therapeutic summer camps for children and adolescents

Who works in the Counselling centre

•Psychologists, psychotherapists and other specialists of Plamienok

•Volunteers who completed our training programme

„Helping children and families after the loss of a loved one“

•Director of the centre: Iván Gómez García, psychologist and gestalt psychotherapist

Contact us

+421 2 207 50 977

If you do not receive any response from us within 48 hours, please call us directly on the phone number above (some e-mails may be filtered incorrectly as spam).

Our Counselling centre welcomes families from all over Slovakia. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance or help with getting to our Counselling centre or with obtaining accommodation.

Weekend meetings with bereaved families

For the past ten years, we have been organizing meetings for bereaved families. Words and thoughts of the families are what keeps us going and organizing these meetings year after year. Their feedback and testimonials are our motivation and inspiration to try to push ourselves and these gatherings further each year. At the beginning, there were daylong meetings twice a year. Soon we realized these were not enough and left a lot unspoken at the end of the day. This is the reason we started doing full weekend-long meetings in 2009.

During these weekends, families can cry and laugh freely without feelings of guilt or embarrassment. Families can also switch off completely and thus regain their strength again.

Until 2015, meetings were open for families in our home care only i.e. families who spent their last moments with their terminally ill children at home with our support.

From 2015, in addition to our annual weekend meeting in September for these families, we organized one more meeting for bereaved families in June. For this one, we invited families who lost a loved one: child, mother, father, sibling or grandparent and who visit us regularly at the Counselling centre.

Therapeutic summer camps

We have been organizing therapeutic summer camps for children and young people who lost their loved one: mother, father, brother or sister, for the past six years.

Despite their age, these children are facing a very challenging time and pain, which they cannot be spared, no matter how much the adults in their life wish to spare them. Such experience can often contribute to their feelings of exclusion of not belonging to their peer group.

This summer camp gives them the opportunity to meet with other kids with similar experience and make them feel that they are not alone, that they belong. Support of the other kids and their presence help them cope with the loss. All this happens under the supervision of our specialists and trained volunteers who provide children with varied programme with sports, creative and therapeutic activities and games.

„This was my first summer camp. I did not want to go at first, but when I arrived I was very glad I did come. Camp gave me a lot of new friends and experiences that I will not forget. I started to count days to the next camp, I am really excited about it already." (Peter, 13)

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